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Dr. courtney Miller, Psy.D.

Are you looking for a space to support your holistic wellness?


Are you struggling with busyness and finding the time to devote towards your mind, body, spirit and relationships?

Welcome, you're in the right place.


About Me.

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I am dedicated to empowering people in their pursuit of holistic well-being and deeper connections. I am excited to announce that I have joined Berkeley Therapy Institute and will be providing in person and online services starting July 2023. I will be providing therapy and assessment services as a Registered Psychological Associate under the supervision of Dr. Chehrzad Shadman, PsyD. 

What I Believe Drives Change:  I am passionate about helping families rebuild their presence, hope and connection together. I firmly believe that problems don't reside within individuals but in the space between people. The distance we feel between ourselves and others can shrink as we embrace courageous conversations where we can feel safe to be authentic. Through this process, we can experience hope, wellness and a deeper connection within ourselves and with others.

My Therapeutic Approach: I approach our therapeutic relationship with authenticity, warmth, curiosity, and connection as I desire to create a meaningful alliance with you where you feel seen, heard and understood. I desire to create a healing environment where you can feel empowered as you navigate the challenging areas in your relationships and life. I integrate various trauma-informed therapeutic approaches including psychodynamic, feminist, relational, attachment, CBT and narrative theories. 

Bringing the Whole Self: It is essential in my work to provide a space where you can bring your whole self. As a Black woman of faith, wife and mother, I understand the complicated ways of how our identities can intersect with societal oppression, which can lead to us feeling that we cannot truly be seen for who we are. To combat this, I believe it is essential for us to bring your full self into therapy, which can include exploration and practices of movement, rest, nutrition, reflection and community. And if you're interested, I'm more than happy to incorporate faith into our therapeutic journey—I offer Christian counseling as well.

What I Offer: While I place a strong emphasis on the well-being of the family as a whole, I also provide support for different family members individually. I enjoy providing family therapy, couples therapy, parent support, parent-child work, and individual therapy for teens and adults. I am passionate about supporting individuals and families in processing early childhood trauma, while navigating concerns related to identity, stress, mood, health challenges, life transitions, work-life balance, parenting, couple issues and spirituality. Currently, I am offering an online support group for new mothers, who desire to come together with other new moms, share their experiences, and support each other as they navigate the journey of motherhood. 

I specialize in therapeutic collaborative assessment, focusing on emotional and personality assessment. I enjoy working closely with teenagers and parents, helping them uncover their strengths and areas of support in order to deepen their understanding and connection as a family. 

How to Work With Me:  I am currently accepting referrals and welcoming clients who desire to pay out of pocket or utilize their insurance (Aetna, Cigna and UCSHIP).


If you are curious and want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Thank you for your consideration. 



Doctor of Psychology

Wright Institute

My predoctoral training took place at WestCoast Children's Clinic in Oakland, CA. My other practicum training took place at Contra Costa Child and Adolescent Services, Wright Institute Clinic and College Wellness Program.


Bachelors of Arts

UC Berkeley

I completed my major in Psychology and received a minor in Ethnic Studies.

My Services

I am passionate about meeting you where you are and what you are needing at this moment in time. It may need that you are looking for a space to discuss your mental and emotional concerns, then therapy would be a great space to do so.


It may be that you are desiring short-term support with receiving your goals in a community of like-minded individuals, then group-coaching is a great place to do that!


Or it could be that you are looking for a facilitated space for the people you serve to learn, interact and grow in relationships, then my consultation, training and speaking services could fit your need.

Please let me know how I can best meet your need at this time by filling out the contact box at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked questions

Where are your services located?

I am currently providing Telehealth services across the state of California and currently providing in person services in Berkeley, CA.

How do I set up an appointment?

If you are interested in beginning therapy or assessment services, the first step to setting up an appointment with me is contacting me through filling out my contact box below. I will return your message by email or phone in 2 business days. Together we will find a date that works best for the both of us and discuss if we are a good fit.


I am currently accepting clients who desire to pay out of pocket or through their insurance. Thank you for considering my services in pursuing deeper connections and holistic well-being.


How do you accept payment?

I  am currently accepting clients who desire to pay out of pocket or through their insurance. Currently, I accept Cigna, Aetna and UCSHIP.


What is your cancellation policy?

I kindly request you provide a 48 business hour notice if you desire to cancel your appointment. If you cancel within 48 hours, you will be charged full fee. Thank you for understanding.

Getting started

Click the button below to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. During the phone consultation, we will talk about the challenges you are facing and your goals for therapy or coaching. We will also review the flow of sessions and payment. If it’s a good fit, we will schedule your first session. Together, we will create a tailored plan for therapy or coaching that works with your schedule and helps you achieve your goals.

Service Requested

Thanks for submitting! We will respond to your message within 2 business days. Thank you!

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