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"Dream Team has shown me that I'm more than just a fighter. It's elevated me to be a thorough visionary who takes action."


- Derrick E., Dream Team 1

What is Dream Team?


Dream Team is a space where people can create the extraordinary life they desire. Dream Team is where you come to find success in every area of your life.


In Dream Team, you will:


  • Develop deep, meaningful relationships that are always seeking to push you forward.

  • Identify limiting beliefs that have been stopping you from being successful and create new empowering beliefs.

  • Define your purpose and explore how it impacts the world around you.

  • Strengthen your natural skills and use them to find success in your zone of purpose.

  • Create an experience that will propel you into success.


During Dream Team, you will meet weekly with your companions and walk through our agile program while developing an inventory of your strengths, working collaboratively in a team, all while sharing, learning, and problem-solving to achieve your personal and collective goals.


How do I join?


Dream Teams launch all throughout the year! If you are interested in joining our next team, click the link below so we can set up time to get to know you and your dream!

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