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We believe that when people are living their extraordinary lives, they will create positive change in the world.

The Problem

One night, Patrick came home from work and told Courtney about a podcast he started listening to called “Side Hustle School”, which inspires people to create an additional source of income. He suggested that Courtney should start a side hustle of helping people to become more organized. Courtney laughed and to go along with the idea, she started an Instagram page called “CoCo Plan My Life” after her nickname, “CoCo”. The page started with the purpose of helping people to gain more organization and productivity throughout their day.


As this was in motion, Patrick and Courtney's friend asked to borrow $200. They gave it to help the friend out. The friend came back a second time to borrow more money and Patrick and Courtney denied the request and instead encouraged her to come and learn how to budget and set goals. After that, the word was out and friends started flocking to Courtney and Patrick as they assisted in financial planning and goal setting.



However, it was not enough to just help people with their finances and setting goals. There was a gap between where people were and where they wanted to be. They saw that people needed vision and the ability to dream big for themselves. With vision, their daily lives could have direction and fulfillment. They could work jobs they love, move on business ideas with confidence, and create supportive communities that push them forward.


The Solution

We believe that this work will create positive change in the world where everyone will have the ability the power to create the extraordinary life they desire. We empower people to live their extraordinary life through our events, dream teams and one on ones. 

What We See

We envision a world where people come together to create opportunities for others to live fulfilling, rewarding lives.

How We Get There

Our mission is to empower people to create the extraordinary life they desire.

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people have been influenced by our empowering events, intimate coaching sessions, and life-changing Dream Teams


Meet The Team


Eugene Johnson

Eugene Johnson

Chief Executive Officer of Revi

David Jones

David Jones

Chief Human Resources Officer of Stanford HealthCare


Leona Jones

Change Masters Coach



Courtney Miller

Co-CEO, Chief Creation Engineer


Patrick Miller

Co-CEO, Chief Creation Engineer

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