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About Me

Patrick J Miller is the CEO, Co-founder of Coco Plan My Life and a respected leader in strategic leadership, personal development, and community building. With a commitment to empowering new entrepreneurs, Patrick offers high-quality digital workbooks that provide practical insights, step-by-step guidance, and actionable exercises. As a Program Director for the YMCA of San Francisco, Patrick has honed his leadership development, team building, and strategic planning expertise. His innovative programs have driven significant results in program innovation and growth.


Patrick’s unique perspective on family dynamics and relationships resonates with readers, offering guidance on navigating fatherhood, being a supportive spouse, and creating a solid family foundation.


With his creative thinking and ability to challenge conventional ideas, Patrick inspires readers to think outside the box and embrace open-minded thinking. His expertise in trauma, emotional intelligence, and faith adds depth to his work, offering holistic perspectives on personal growth.


Through his digital workbooks, Patrick envisions making a positive impact. He cultivates gratitude, joy, and a sense of freedom by helping individuals build thriving businesses and create their desired lifestyles.


Join Patrick on his strategic leadership journey and explore his offerings, including coaching, program design, consultation, leadership development, workshops, training, and speaking engagements. With Patrick’s comprehensive expertise and unwavering commitment to empowering others, you can embark on a transformative path to success.


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